David Woodier is a man of diverse experience…

From a Chinese father and Swiss & Scottish mother David grew up in Hong Kong, spent time on an island in Scotland and then lived north of London for 15 years. Travel is his way of life, and he has been to and worked in locations such as France, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Extensive personal studies and life experience in over 31 countries have lead him to uncover fundamental skills and tools in health, communication and confidence which have provided him with incredible opportunities and living wealth.

David Woodier

International organisations

During his earlier career, he worked for organisations such as Accenture, Coca Cola and Barclays Bank until he realised that solely that kind of work didn’t satisfy his desire to connect and contribute. Giving it all up he moved to New Zealand and then Australia for a 2 ½ year kombi excursion to have fun and find himself. This provided the adventures and debt you can probably imagine. He returned to the UK inspired by some learnings from Anthony Robbins, but not clear on the next step.

$65,000 debt, no job, no visa and in a foreign country

At this point life wasn’t all roses so two years later and after listening to a motivational CD one cold miserable evening in a leaky rainy flat in Manchester, he made a decision to move to Australia on a whim and a prayer. $65,000 in debt, no job or visa to work, no family around him and almost no friends, he moved to Brisbane, Australia. Incidentally he had never been there before and it was chosen as it was the biggest city, in his favourite climate, in his favourite country. Over the following years he paid off nearly $100,000 in debt and worked for some international organisations in their training departments such as Rio Tinto, Boeing, BHP Billiton and Queensland Government.

Certified trainer, coach and educator

He is a trained master coach and completed his three levels of NLP training and writes materials for international personal development speakers in the realms of personality and health. Wide-ranging adult learning with Dr John Demartini, has exposed him to the greatest thinkers of all time such as Plato, Newton and Einstein and theories ranging from atomic molecules, the human cell, emotion, social engineering right up to intergalactic travel and white holes.

His purpose is to help inspire people to fulfil their purposes. He achieves this through teaching and sharing core knowledge about communication, direction and self-worth using practical technology, the written and spoken word as well as experiential activities. He also started www.onemilliontouches.com, in a mission to impact 1,000,000 people in his lifetime.


“What I like to think I bring to the table is the ability to mix the ingredients of experience,
with the spices of observation, to deliver a hotpot of knowledge
which can be delicately savoured or wolfed down whole.”

David Alan Woodier BSc.

PS You can check my personal blog at www.davidwoodier.com