David Woodier


Two types of people get the most out of coaching. Those who are doing well and want to take an area of life to the next level and those who are not clear where they are or where they want to be and are a little confused with the next step.


Personal Coaching

I offer two Inspirational Coaching Programs which serve different purposes.  Are you stumbling through life wondering what you’re here for (Get on Track package) or do you know where you’re going and need some support overcoming obstacles (Keep on Track package)?


Get on Track

  • 2 hour discovery session
  • 4 phone or Skype coaching sessions
  • Extras included: Email support and 2 x ‘I need some guidance’ calls

Together we clarify who you are based on your values and notice how that has impacted your past. We then use this information to see what has been holding you back or pulling you in the contradictory directions compared to where you think you want to be.

Erin business smOnce we understand who you are and what’s been holding you back, we create a clear direction of your path ahead for the next 12 months; this helps build your confidence and certainty muscles in your abilities and you may be surprised how quickly new habits start to form. Taking a shorter term approach of only one year, helps empower you with the skills to replicate the process when required and can be used for yourself and others you care about.

Girls smiling sm

The intention of the Get on Track coaching package is to help you get a clear direction and start moving. The 4 coaching sessions help us overcome stumbling blocks and create a sense of consistency and accountability once you start moving.  Think of it like planning an expedition or holiday; I’ll help you confirm the destination and support you around preparation, creating resources and making the most of your time there AND I’ll help you build confidence in repeating the process for yourself in future.

Further coaching is available and useful to accelerate your progress in specific areas, however life is about the journey so there is no need to speed up unless that appeals to you.

Keep On Track

  • 8 phone or Skype coaching sessions
  • Extras included: Email support and 2 x ‘I need some guidance’ calls

Even if you’re on track, if you don’t keep moving, you could get run over!


The intention of the Keep On Track coaching package is to help you clarify and align yourself with the goals you have made.  We’ll explore your core beliefs and habits to see how they are either supporting or drawing you away from where you’d like to be.

The consistency of the 8 sessions helps you build new habits which in turn reduce stress and build your confidence and ability to communicate your ideas to others. This can be useful from a career, creative or personal perspective.

Looking forward

This package is also very constructive if you are about to make changes in any key area of your life and would like to ensure your greatest chance of success in your new endeavors.  By realizing your inner resources and healing challenges from the past, you’ll be most prepared for the exciting expedition you’re choosing for your life going forward.

Small Business Consulting


Focusing on owner/operator and small companies, I analyze where you are and then help you define where you want to be with a clear strategy to take you there. I recommend practical, low cost systems to boost sales and help you understand the business environment better within and outside your company. Following the 3C Model, improvement is tailored around boosting Confidence for your team and sales staff, Clarifying the Direction of the business through careful, yet flexible planning and improving Communication internally and to your customers using targeted online approaches.

  • Business analysis and process redesign
  • Online strategy development
  • Technology optimization
  • Unconscious sales skills training
  • Wealth Profile analysis