Confidence through Clarity – FREE 1 day workshop in Los Angeles

Last month I finished my first evening workshop in the set of courses I’ve developed. There were nearly 30 participants and the feedback was positive around some areas I hadn’t expected. I’m personally very interested about learning philosophy, tools and content but it seemed that the stories of adventure, international travel and exploration to illustrate the specific techniques sparked interest and enjoyment in the audience. In addition, more exercises were requested.

As a result I have put together a 1 day workshop at the same venue for early next month and I’d be delighted if you can come along. I’ll be covering the following areas and more:

  • CLARIFY your values to help guide you and answer questions you’ve been battling over.
  • LEARN practical tools to deal with fear, anger, loneliness and other challenging emotions.
  • PRACTICE easy to use methods to create connection with people around you.

As a reminder, I’m delivering these courses now for free so I can identify what works best here in LA, but I will be charging $99-$299 for the workshops in future so take advantage of this opportunity now by registering and coming along with a friend.


ITS Library day course flyer

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