Confidence through Clarity, LA

David speakingRight now I am providing 2 hour and one day workshops in LA helping people build Confidence, get Clarity and learn how to Communicate more effectively.

In April 2015 I delivered my new Inspiration to Success intro course and we had nearly 30 people attend. With crazy world stories and simple tools, the audience enjoyed the opportunity to get insights into why they’d been getting the results they were and I also provided a customised menu of actions to help change things where people wanted to.

I have personally spoken to a number of the attendees and am delighted to hear that people are implementing the tools they’d learned.

“Often in life it’s not what you know, it’s whether you’re inspired to do what you know.”

The one day course allows us time to complete exercises and practice tools compared to the 2 hour overview which is great for a first exposure. If you’re interested in me running one of these workshops in your business or institution, please contact me directly.

These courses are for you if: 

  • You are having internal battles which pull you in opposing directions at work or in relationships
  • You don’t have a plan for next week, let alone a year
  • You find it hard to get your message across to people
  • You are are unhappy with some areas of your life and would like that to change
  • You want to accelerate what you’re already doing on your path to success.

You will learn:


Erin business sm cp

  • Distinguish between internal and external confidence and identify the benefits for building both in yourself.
  • Recognise where you have confidence in your life already and appreciate where you’d like to have more.
  • Recall specific methods to build confidence and plan activities during an average week to practice your skills.


Clear direction on a map sm

  • Compare the benefits of being organised and prepared, and living from moment to moment.
  • Clarify what your next 1-3 steps are in any area of life.
  • Translate your list into a practical plan.


Communication sm

  • Define key methods we communicate internally and externally.
  • Explain why effective communication is so important in various areas of life.
  • Identify common stumbling blocks and methods to overcome them.
  • Recite a range of Accessing Questions to help improve communication effectiveness.

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