Everyone starts with an A

WAlexandra Park, Whalley Range, Manchesterhen I lived in Manchester, UK, I used to jog around a Victorian park called Alexandra Park. Along the side of a sizeable pond there was a final straight where huge trees lined a pefect avenue and finishing line. This was the hardest part of the run as the setting suggested towering giants in the grandstands at either side and the path disappeared into the distance a quarter-mile away.

One day I decided to visualise there was a huge rubber band pulling me towards the finishing line, which I couldn’t even see! I also decided to pretend the trees were people I respected and they were cheering me on. I don’t know if it made a difference to the time I would run, but the journey to the destination was a lot more enjoyable and I finished my exercise each time.

With those visualisations in mind, there was no doubt I would get to the finishing line as I was being metaphorically pulled to my goal as opposed to having to push myself there. Even if I relaxed my running, I felt supported from behind and it was purely a mental construct.

Everyone starts with an A, and is an assumed Genuis

Each time you interact with someone, assume the conversation is going to flow smoothly and they’ll understand your heartfelt intentions.  Psychological tests of interviews show that the impression made in the first 5 seconds is almost always the impression kept of that person in the long run.

We all know that we make mistakes and sometimes don’t put our best foot forward so keep that in when mind judging others. Give both them and yourself the gift of assumed Genuis and a Grade A. Let people work to maintain their grade as opposed to having to fight to earn it.

I hearby declare that every morning I consider you have a Grade A and are a Genuis.


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