Demartini Values Determination Process

David & John DemartiniClick here to access one of the most important tools I consider exists for self understanding. It helps you determine your values based on your behaviour. This simple and revolutionary process uses your actions, as opposed to your mind, to finally show you what you’ve been searching for.

“The thing you’re searching for, is the thing you’re searching with”

This is a beautiful exploration of axiology, the study of values, which leads us to knowing our highest value, our telos, which is what all our actions are unconsciously driving us towards. By understanding our values and highest value, we can clarify our mission in life which is what we were sent here for.                     Click here to access


Visual Goal Setting ebook and 45 min audio
(Valued at $49)Visualgoalsetting

Visual Goal Setting or Treasure Mapping is an activity where you create a visual representation of the kind of things you’d like in your life. Do you have a practical or artistic slant and would like to clarify some of your goals and help yourself focus on them?

Download my audio and ebook which teaches how to create a Treasure Map in a fun and enjoyable way. This is a great exercise to do with children too to get them in the habit of visualizing what they want and is also useful to you as an adult or parent to get an idea of what interests them.

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Fasting Resources

Fasting Resource Website

When we push ourselves past our comfort zone, we learn new insights in to what we’re capable of. I decided to take on a 20 day fast where I consumed juice for the first 7 days, then water for 13 days. I charted the changes in my body as well as gave reviews on a range of topics relating to how I was feeling and the benefits and drawbacks from the experience.

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Negotiation and InfluenceNegotiation and Influence workbook (Valued at $99)

Do you know how to negotiate effectively or are you ready to upgrade your skills. This workbook was designed in conjunction with my Negotiation and Influence workshop and is filled with great information including:

  • How to create rapport and different types of communication strategy
  • 20 different negotiation tactics to use depending on the situation
  • 6 Unconscious tools of persuasion you can use in any situation
  • Other useful Neuro Linguistic Programming principles.

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5 Languages of Love5 Languages of Love workbook

Based on the concepts in the book of the same name by Gary Chapman, I created this workbook for a training I used to give about the ways we communicate love and appreciation to people we care about. This short ebook gives you a good insight into the key love languages we use for ourselves and others. Remember that we usually show love to others in the way we want to receive it so if you and your partner’s love languages are different, this ebook could really explain a few things and improve your relationship. I recently found Gary Chapman’s full book on pdf which is great and well worth a read.

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