Learning is a means and an end

Sometimes people ask me how I seem to know so much about such random things. Perhaps they are not aware that I am now 42 so that’s just life experience as well as the fact I’ve lived in and been to over 30 countries, am an action taker and I love learning and new experiences.

The other day I was at a friend’s place having dinner and they served some delicious saffron ice cream. Just by chance I had been studying saffron earlier that day because I was using a tiny container which we used to have saffron in and when I smelled it weeks later, it was still so strong.

Saffron flowerI was very proud to be able to add to the conversation that each saffron crocus (an amazing purple flower) contains just three stigmas (threads) of saffron. In fact it takes about 500 flowers to make 1 gram of saffron. At current prices it is 1/4 the price of gold at $10,000/kg. I share this because I think one of my skills is taking action on things that interest me and since learning is such a driving force for me, I simply Google or Youtube things that happen during the day and use my down time between tasks to learn.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to share one of my favourite sources of incredible stories and information. For those who know ‘This American Life’ it is similar but has the catchphrase, Storytelling with a beat, because they have real people tell absolutely mind blowing stories about things that have happened to them and they add sound effects. It’s usually 3 stories per programme and here’s a link to one of my favourites. It’s called The Return and I can’t recommend it enough. One of the stories in this episode is about a anthropologist who lived with a distant tribe for years, had a child with them but moved back to America and then the child returned to the tribe as an adult decades later. Another is about a guy who dives in the deepest caves on the planet.

snapjudgment_logoSome memorable stories from Snap Judgement are:

  • 25 people hiding out in a beer fridge during a huge tornado which completely demolished the town and buildings around them but not the fridge.
  • A young guy who hated his father and from a young age never saw him who ended up sharing a cell with him in prison.
  • A man who woke up next to a Burger King and to this day still can’t remember who he is and nobody else knows either despite having been on multiple national TV programs across America.
  • A woman from Indiana whose accent changed to sound like a native French person over a 2 week period and has never changed back.
  • And so much more!

Snap judgement is also available on iTunes and other podcast programmes so you can just sign up for your weekly dose of just go to their website … snapjudgement.org

PLEASE find a time you have 50 minutes to relax and listen to this episode, I really think you’ll have an amazing experience. If you do, please share your thoughts below.


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