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The first of the ITS workshops took place last week and I have to confess I was very happy with how it happened.

Moments before the audience arrived
Moments before the audience arrived

A month prior to the workshop a friend, Mark Rabbitt, helped me realise I had been putting off running a workshop for myself as I was waiting for the right moment, all my materials to be ready and the stars to align. As a result I had a deadline of one month to be running my course and lo and behold, I managed it and had nearly 30 people attend. Some of the top tips and ideas covered included:

  • Values – our guidance system for life. How to understand what we truly value and how our life demonstrates it.
  • Rights of passage – the three key steps for a boy to become a man of a physical challenge, sacred place and wise person or elder to guide us.
  • How to build confidence by understanding what it really is (a sense of full trust), seeing our strengths and also the realisation of the skills we already have which we may have belittled or undervalued.
  • The four disciplines of execution and how to implement them in things which are important to us. These simple steps have a huge impact on our ability to consistently take action. Click here to read a blog I wrote about them.
  • The five love languages and how we communicate love and caring to people who are important to us. These are physical touch, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts and words of affirmation. Click here to find a free download I used in another workshop which outlines the key points about this topic.

ITS Library course menu smAt the end of the workshop, I provided a menu to each participant with some simple and more difficult tasks on it which I encouraged them to choose from for the following week.

Maybe take a look at it and choose your own selection for the coming week to help inspire you to make changes you want to make.


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