After years of study, including over 60 personal development seminars, countless books, online resources and mind altering conversations, I’ve come to the conclusion that without appropriate Confidence, a Clear Direction and the ability to effectively give and receive Communication life can be challenging.

“Without the right tools, even the most talented artist is helpless.”


Having confidence gives us a feeling of certainty and action is often a positive side effect of that sense. Being more confident is useful both internally to help us move forward with our dreams and desires and externally as the people around us are influenced by how they perceive us.

CCC diagram

Clear Direction

Who taught you how to plan your life? For most, we learned about planning our lives by watching our family and friends, listening to our teachers then navigating the flood of media we’re now constantly exposed to. And don’t even get me started on working out your Purpose.

Is your life supposed to be like your parents’ or more like a Hollywood fantasy story? We are supposed to know what we want yet most people were never given clear direction about how to do this. Knowing your purpose is highly related to this.

Remember many of us put more planning into a one week holiday overseas than a year of our daily lives yet we are disappointed at the outcomes we’re having. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

Having a Clear Direction in life is fundamental to achieving more of what you desire and reducing those things which irk you.



Communication, from the Latin verb communicare, means to share.

When others communicate with you, they are sharing their thoughts and ideas. When you communicate within yourself you are sharing your feelings and attitudes.

Information comes to us from many sources yet many of us are blinkered about how far and wide we are being broadcast to so we miss the messages. In-form-ation is required to take an idea and turn it in to form; this is a great illustration of how we can be missing ideas which are hiding in plain sight.

When we understand how to receive communication from our body (through health, illness & injury), technology (how do I use my phone?) and food (why do fruits and vegetables look different, what are they telling me?) we are so much better equipped to succeed.