Procrastination: Use deadlines to help you take action

I recently had a task to complete with a deadline two days away. I wasn’t sure how long it would take, but decided to bring the deadline back to one day to see if I would complete it any faster. As it happens, it took less than half the time again.

Why go to the starting line when you can go straight to the finish
“Why go to the starting line when you can go straight to the finish?”

Parkinson’s law reflects the fact we tend to expand work to the time provided.

Next time you have a task you don’t want to do, give yourself half the time required and get started. Not only will you have overcome any procrastination, when the law holds true, you’ll be able to take half the time off to do whatever you like because you’ll finish early.

“Time is the ultimate gift; give it to yourself sometimes.”
David Alan Woodier

Here’s a short video of that day I went racing in a car heading for the Indy 300 on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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