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Build Confidence, Gain Clear Direction and improve Communication as you move on an upward spiral to success by David Alan Woodier

My book is a collection of ideas, stories and strategies which I have personally found to work. I also share some of my interesting adventures to help illustrate the points. From starvation, to mind control and days of communication deprivation ... you never know what you're going to learn in my book!

What's the book about?

Have you ever felt like there are too many choices, you just don’t know what to do? Perhaps you are surviving in life but not thriving yet and are looking for some guidance and practical tools for how to get there.

Going in the Right Direction the Wrong way, How to get back on Track is a book designed to help you clarify and move along a more fulfilling path in life on a 3 step upward spiral to success. This is achieved through stories and practical exercises focusing on the 3 key elements of Confidence, Clear Direction and Communication.

I demystify the idea of Confidence by identifying the internal traits of self-belief and how they are the foundation of whether we feel we can achieve something or not. I clarify that setting goals when you don’t feel inspired or you don’t really feel you can achieve them, is a costly exercise in time, money, energy and focus. I provide step-by-step tools so you can build your confidence muscles internally and achieve more as well as externally in how you connect with others.
Inspired by the Human Behavior Specialist Dr John Demartini’s Values Determination process, I share simple questions anyone can answer which show you what you truly value and as a result this helps you simplify your purpose and Clarify your Direction. This information is coupled with specific practical actions to help with executing your plans including an exercise called, How to get rewarded handsomely for what you love to do.
In the section on Communication, I provide what some may consider magic words, as I detail the exact phrases to say to open, maintain and close a conversation as well as how to deal with interruptions and objections. Coupled with some helpful psychological devices (including presentation techniques and unconscious tools of persuasion), you will be better prepared than ever to handle meeting new people or selling a product and will even be able to take an impromptu wedding speech in your stride.
Inspired Menus are provided which detail easy, hard and fun tasks explained in the book you can practice after you finish reading. The tasks are in the order of starter, main course and desert of a meal. This systematic approach draws together related exercise you practice or carry out over a week which is easier, increases retention, improves confidence and results in a clearer path ahead for you.

It took me an investment of 30 countries and attending nearly 70 personal development workshops before I completed this book of what I have found works.

The ideas shared in the pages of my book are drawn from career experiences ranging from picking fruit before dawn to being flown to work earning six-figure salaries to being a speaker at Burning Man and being headhunted to work in Las Vegas for a casino company.

If you haven’t found inspiration where you’ve been looking then this may just be the book you’ve been waiting for.

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